Friday, March 21, 2014

spring arrived while i took my blog break.   while color blooms

outdoors, i have had fun with monochromatic and minimal colors.

by playing with a setting on my iphone this is a very colorful journal page 

was translated into black and white.  i will show what the color version 

in a future post.   in real life very little is black or white

so creating it by the touch of a button gives a magical feel.  

i celebrated a friends' s birthday by going to the 

diane von furstenburg exhibit

at the los angeles county museum of art

i remember when her wrap dresses were the


and they still are popular 

fifty years later.

i am glad to be back here at my home away from home with you
and my paint party friday friends.  i hope you get a chance to 
visit some of the other creatives who post their art each week.

“One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star.” 
― Friedrich Nietzsche


  1. Wow, lucky you going to that exhibition. Love your monochromatic picture. Valerie

  2. I do love black and white. Lucky you to have seen the exhibition. I wish I could!

  3. Black and white is just classy and never goes out of style.. Sounds like you had a wonderful time at the exhibit.
    Happy PPF
    Sandy #86

  4. Very interesting journalpage, I saw it on Facebook already. Curious to see the coloured version ....

  5. Instant viewing in black and white will be so handy - makes the design so much clearer.
    Wrap type skirts look great when you are standing still or walking indoors - not so good in a breeze when you are carrying shopping!!!

  6. Lovely journal page. It looks so nicely layered in black and white. I'd love to see the color version.

  7. Wow this post is so cohesive with the monochromatic photos and artwork. Something a little different than your norm! Love it..thanks for sharing!

    Hugs Giggles

  8. What a coincidence! I have been painting with a limited palette of black, white, and gray lately. I thought you had been, too, until I read your post. :) I like your journal page, and you're right, nothing really is black and white.

  9. The Diane von Furstenburg exhibit sounds delightful and a wonderful way to help someone celebrate their birthday. Your black and white journal page intrigues me. I love color but I can't help feeling excited over the possibilities offered in the electronics of today.

  10. Black and white has a certain calming effect, a nostalgic effect. It's great, Irene!


  11. I really like the black and white version and the colour will be interesting to see but this already is gorgeous in it's monochromatic tones!

    Annabelle m..m

  12. Love your black and white artwork- I think it be a challenge for me because I am always using vivid colors but I will give it a whirl. I really want to buy a wrap dress too. Happy PPF

  13. I agree with kaykuala about black and white having a calming effect...but I am itching to see the color version too!

  14. Black and white are elegant colors. Lovely work!

  15. It's interesting how colors come and go in work, sometimes the crave for b&w is powerful, the touch of minimalist world enchants. And then suddenly, all colors burst out. Your image looks like that, it's about to blossom, it's on the brink of spring. Beautiful!