Friday, April 11, 2014

this week zoomed by and felt like there was little time

for creating.  but when i looked back,  i did more than i thought.

acrylic, peace and security

i will be presenting a project for my experimental group

next month.  this was practice run on what will be done.

there is still some tweaking to do.  hopefully it will be a fun project.

i ran some prints on deli paper  for collage sheets

and i started sketchbook skool online.  this is 

the first drawing i did while sitting at my morning

coffee shop.  drawing with only a pen feels a little like being

naked in front of almost strangers.  i admire those who sketch 

and paint a record of  their days.  i started once before to draw and 

hope being in skool will be an inspiration to continue, though truthfully,

i am not sure it is 'me.'  i look forward to adding some color.  one step at a time.

so i was a bit all over the place creating in familiar and new ways.

today i am channeling my inner van gogh at the norton simon 

museum in pasadena.  i am excited to see his mulberry tree in person

as i plan to paint a copy of it in the near future.

how was your week?

it's friday and i am linking with friends at paint party friday.  

i will be posting a pay it forward art exchange in the next few days.

stop by if you are interested.  until then...

have a lovely weekend


  1. Irene, happy PPF. You've worked with some really beautiful colors today. And I love Peace and Serenity. It looks like a sculpture.

  2. Wow, you really did a lot. Great pieces and how exciting to see Van Gogh's work in person. Lucky you. Happy PPF1

  3. Beautiful compositions with exquisite colors, these gorgeous paintings! nice photos!

  4. Beautiful and extremely inspiring creativity! 'Peace and security' looks so good and serene. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Love the sense of depth and layers in that practice piece! Yum!

  6. Wow, the first one, a statue? Looks like I could reach out and touch it. I love the pen drawing - great work!

  7. "Peace and Security" is wonderful. I was sure it was a photo of a clay sculpture.

  8. I'll try again and hope this is not a dup. "Peace and Security" is wonderful. I sure it was a photo of a clay sculpture.

  9. You are so dedicated. The "sculptured" face looks like an ancient Minoan mask. Great!

  10. Hi Irene,
    you sure had a prolific week, peace and security looks like a statue, gorgeous work!
    I would love to see Van Gogh's mulberry painting, it's on my Paint List as well.
    Enjoy your gallery visit , I'm sure it will be magical.

    Annabelle : )

  11. You have had an art filled week - sketching seems more laborious to me than painting - but I am learning to love it a bit more. I also though the first piece was a photo of the sculpture - you did a wonderful job giving the sculpture a 3D appearance.