Monday, April 7, 2014

since i joined the mono printing group last year i have been 

intimidated about taking the next step which to me means 

adding layers.   because the water based printing inks reactivated 

with water i have not know how to proceed.   so i have ended up with a nice stack of prints.

i decided to experiment by spraying an acrylic fixative and cutting 

a large print into several smaller pieces.  i discovered that the fixative 

prevented the dreaded reactivation and i was able to paint and stencil 

on top.  this is the first step.  since i lean toward a definite focal image,

i am thinking one will appear soon.

my experimental group was all about pentangles.  i have never done 

any before.  it is so relaxing and i love the minimal supplies needed~~

a pen, pencil, eraser and paper.  voila.  such a light load compared with

the baggage i carry around for mixed media.

i like using pens for line work.  my favorite black pens are 

micron .005, .05, .01 and the graphic 1 and the sharpie extra fine.  

signo uniball roller broad is my favorite white pen by far because it creates an 

even line and writes over acrylic.  here is a good article on white pens.


  1. I like all 3 pieces, but my absolute favorite is the first one. I love the softness of the design and the peacefulness of the minimal color scheme. Blessings!

  2. V. interested in the monoprints - strange how things are in the air everywhere. I was playing with old-fashioned etching ink yesterday - and very messy it is too! Love the zentangle patterns which look like cushions and would make lovely ones.

  3. I love the first piece too, its soft fluidity is wonderful, I can almost feel the leaves moving in the breeze!