Friday, April 4, 2014

in my experimental group we were told to bring a half

sheet of watercolor paper and all sorts of papers , some 

to be share with the group.  we knew we were going to collage 

but that's all.  when we got to the meeting the project was 

to start just gluing anything that suited us on the paper

  without a plan or intention. since there are almost twenty of us, 

we had a large pile of papers in the center of the room from which 

we picked to add to the collage.   we worked for over two hours 

and for the first time that i can remember we didn't stop early for lunch.  

after we ate, we were given the second half of the directions.  

we were to turn the paper over and cut it up in pieces!

without looking at where were cutting. 

i cut the pieces even smaller when i got home

to create act's for my international group.

they are all mailed.  i like thinking of them

once being a part of a whole.

 this turned out to be so much fun. try it sometime.  in fact, 

i am going to my studio now  to start another one.  

have a lovely weekend



  1. This sounds a really fun session, and very productive, with great results. I like each of the collaged pieces you show and they make such effective abstracts. It is hard to choose a favourite because each is so varied and vigorous - a tribute to your artistry, because even collaging like this does not happen on its own, and cutting them down as you did is a process of selection. I enjoyed your post very much. Thank you Irene.

  2. Great post Irene.
    I of course like them ALL!
    I love it when you canb tell the artist was having fun and it shows through the work.

  3. This idea seems to be on the breeze at present - but always with fun results. The earliest version of it I have in a book suggests that - after the random chopping up - you try to bring each piece to a conclusion with more work. The papers you had to choose from look exciting too.

  4. There is so much depth to what you create. :-)

  5. Oh, that sounds like so much fun! And I love what you created ....