Friday, December 18, 2015

it started as an act challenge to

use cardboard in any way.

i also added a personal challenge of 

using a minimal amount of supplies 

that i already have and to make it 

with a simple design.   i like the results.

little trees.  perfect for the holidays!

something on my mind....

i recently read several long time bloggers

discussing the state of blogging today.  with all

of the recent and easy social media like instagram,

twitter, etc.  and the decrease in the number of responses on blogs,

 the question posed was whether blogging and even Facebook

are on their way out?  i certainly have wondered myself.  after

discovering and falling in love with instagram, i all but abandoned

this blog and Facebook.  it was unintentional but i fell down the rabbit hole of

visual stimulation, easy posting and simple clicking to heart a post.

i met new folks who shared similar interests and even ran into some

in person at workshops.  but, it was pointed out that on these new sites

you do not get the deeper relationships available with longer responses

and answers.  nor can you as a blogger write more fully on a subject.

in this wide wide world there is something for everyone.

some people who read my blog never visit and comment on Facebook or

instagram and visa versa.  all social media takes time and effort.  weighing

what is important with how much time and value one gets from the investment

is a personal decision.  after reading the discussion on the state of blogging

today i recommitted to this blog and am so glad that i have!

i would love to hear your response.  

sending best wishes to you during the season

of giving and gratefulness.  thank you for visiting today.

hello to weekly  paint party friday

friends and to kristen and eva, our hostesses


  1. Fantastic cards, Irene! Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  2. Very nice, you are invited to share this with Feline Art Friday, The artwork does not need to be related to cats, all artwork and animal related posts are invited to Feline Art Friday:

  3. You have created lovely cards with a minimum of supplies. They look so stylish. I have not ventured into the world of instagram and facebook up to now but have been tempted. If I link to challenges like PPF other bloggers visit but if I post without linking I have only a handful of loyal visitors and have not gained any new followers for ages.

  4. Those cards are a really good idea and very creative! Love them! And I agree with you, I also feel that blogs go deeper and create deeper connections. I still prefer blogs to everything else. Call me old-fashioned ... ;-) I'm happy you decided to recommit to this blog! Have a wonderful holiday season ♥

  5. Your cards are unique with beautiful design.
    Have happy weekend xx

  6. LOVE your Christmas tree cards Irene! I am with denthe- a bit old fashioned and I love the special bonds of connectedness and friendship only blogging can provide.

  7. Stunning cards...I love them so much!! I do my blog for me. It's the least commercialized too if you notice! I find I am seeing things that are none of my business on facebook...just because one of my friends liked or commented on it.. Instagram I love because it's quick and easy and I make new friends. However blogger is my heart and soul! Also I have heard it is necessary if you are ever licensed or published so your fans have a reference to you! Plus your blog probably has a lot of google credibility you'd be giving up!! Build it all and see what happens!!You never know...the question is, " What do you want?"

    Have a magical Christmas!!

    Hugs Giggles

  8. creative you are. These cards are so wonderfully different. They fill my eyes. :D

  9. You know I love your art in any medium and these are no exception. A few years ago my niece told me that blogging was going obsolete. I mentioned it in a blog post and the responses were NO NO NO. However, I also took the dark turn into FB land for awhile. LOL I agree the more insightful relationships that I have with bloggers is more appealing to me. I too have come back to my blog. I do still visit FB I started a family group and that has been amazing. None of my family live close. I am so happy you are back to blogging. I enjoy your art and just knowing the things you are doing in your life. Happy Holidays to you.

  10. Since I am a dinosaur and do not have a smart phone, blogging and Facebook are my only social media. I agree with everything you wrote and I especially agree that in depth writing occurs on blogs and I won't be giving that up. :-)

  11. Lovely cards Irene. I am so pleased you are sticking with blogging. I blog for me. It's a personal diary. It also connects with other like minded souls. It also acts as a huge book of inspiration. My only hurdle is time. I would love to spend more time reading blogs and finding new ones but work commutnents often limit this. I find Facebook likes rather trivial and prefer the personal comments through challenge next year is to spend more time seeking out new blogs there are so many great creative people out there. Merry Christmas Irene. Much love sent your way.

  12. Irene - Thank you for your post and your rekindled interest in blogging. As someone who is very new to this kind of art world its important to me to have inspiration in someone else's work and what they share about their process. I will look at this more often now because you are posting.