Friday, August 25, 2017

hello!  welcome to my week.  
i post here on my blog on friday and 
for those of you on instagram, 
i post my art there daily.  
thank you for visiting!

there is an upcoming art show for local artissts.

seeing the flyer inspired me to start painting teabags again.

i was going to enter my painted teabags last year but was 

bogged down with work and could not.  i am happy to get the opportunity

again to submit my art.  i like that this is community based

and is connected with the library.  as a child i loved to read

and my love continues to this day.  now i both listed to books 

on tape and read books.  i am sad that  many of the  children today

have so many other distractions that they have  have not discovered reading.  

this week i joined kelly kilmer's journaling workshop.

these are some of the pages i created.  kelly first taught me

to make my own journals, alter books and collage using paint. 

her workshops are lively and lots of fun.  i often meet up with

other artists i have not seen in a while.  

i also finished the background on this expressive portrait that was started

in a private lesson with jenny doh at studio crescendoh.

i didn't think i did much this week, art wise but now that 

i documented  my activities, i see there is a lot!  no wonder

i am feeling tired today!  i admire my friends john arbuckle and 

jacki long who posts daily.  their links are on the side bar.  but i

know myself.  i would not be able to maintain the pace.  for a long

time i subtly berated myself about it but now i embrace our differences,

without putting myself down.  it's much easier that way!

have a lovely week!

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  1. Wonderful portraits and journaling, fantastic! Happy PPF,hugs, Valerie

  2. These tea bag ladies are wonderful!!! I love the textured look they have! And wow those journal pages are gorgeous! Don't put yourself down, lift yourself up! You are amazing!! (and some of us post a whole lot less than you! :D)

  3. WOW! How impressive is this! Way to go! You are rocking the teabag art world. Love the portrait with Jenny Doh! Just lovely! All are just lovely! :-)

  4. Ohhh your collages are the bomb! Love the camel in a fantastic church! And your teabaggirls are so charming!! Happy PPF! ♥ Conny

  5. super fabulous art projects Irene!! You certainly are multi-talented. The teabag art is so impressive! Happy PPF!

  6. You do more in a week than most of us even think to do. ♥
    You are amazing Irene, and your lovely work is more than proof.

  7. Oh my gosh, teabags? That is so awesome, I love it! Happy PPF!

  8. Wow So much beautiful art. Glad you will be showing. I agree, kids don't know the excitement of a good book.

  9. Your work is so extraordinary. I cannot imagine how you are able to accomplish what you do. What a talented artist you are--and you are an inspiration, too.

  10. Sorry put my comments in wrong box....I love all the art you've shown here Irene!! nunu

  11. Wow my android is misbehaving big time!

  12. I've always admired artists who paint on teabags. It can't be easy, such a tiny little space. Good luck submitting them. I hope you win something. :)

  13. Luv the portraits oh but the collages are sooo interesting

    Happy PPF good luck with the art competitions

    much love...

  14. Wow! ~ Love the tea bag ladies and your collages are fascinating ~ all your beautiful creativity in one place ~ thanks ~ xxx

    (A Shutterbug Explores)