Saturday, June 7, 2014

i presented this project for the second part of my experimental

art group presentation.  i called mine

house of memories

a template was used to cut the houses for each 'room.'


i added bits and pieces that I found in my collage drawer.

there is a bit of screen i used in making paper, a clock

piece i got as a trade at art fest and some paper treasures.

this is the house my grandparents lived in when they

moved to los angeles in 1917.  i love the car parked i

n front but i don't think it was theirs.  i cut the house shapes

from 140# watercolor paper that i had painted and had not 

finished.   i will show you the back of the house after it is completed.

here is a pic of the clan~~ my great grandfather and great grandmother.  

hmm... they don't look very  happy.  no one is smiling.  this week 

my dishwasher,  dryer, refrigerator and printer broke.  i had to do many

chores by hand.   i wouldn't have made a very good pioneer

woman and can see why the women at least are not smiling.

posting on saturday this week with paint party friday.


  1. OMG! This is fabulous from my friend the modern day pioneer! Really amazing and I mean really amazing! :-)

  2. Love this Irene. Brilliant!!

  3. This is a lovely project and what a wonderful pic of your family. I participate in two blog challenges, Art journal Journey, where this months theme is houses and Mix it Monthly where the theme is home. This project would fit in nicely for both.

  4. I just love this creation Irene. It's so inspiring and I may have to do some collage work with my own family photos now.

    All those appliances went out...really? You poor woman. I am a non-pioneer too. Though I do hand wash dishes most of the time. Does that count?

  5. Irene, the house with all the various memories is just fantastic. I love that you use such wonderful stuff as clock parts and screen wire! The house with your ggparents and their non-smiling faces… I just learned why no one smiled in those early photos. It took about 2 or 3 minutes of exposure before the image was secure. No one could keep a smile on that long. I haven't googled this but it makes sense to me.

  6. A delicious compositions, wonderful houses, I love the design!

  7. So personal and such a lovely way to keep these memories together.

  8. Wonderful! Funny that you are doing houses and I am reading In This House. :-) Lovely, my friend!