Thursday, June 19, 2014

Nature is all over the place here in Utah. From rain to snow to sun shining 

to colorful wild flowers and magnificent sunsets. 

After a nice long hike up to Stewart Falls 

I remembered early camping vacations with my family. 

I am not sure whether the journaling is legible. 

"Every summer my family took a camping/fishing trip. 

We packed our car and drive and drive. My dad planned the vacation 

based on where he wanted to fish. 

"my brother and i played gin rummy in the back seat

we bet our allowances.  sometimes

i cheated.  my little brother never suspected.

big sisters can be mean."


  1. Hi Irene. Lovely how you mixed up past and present in this post. I like how you unapologetically scratched out what you didn't want in your journal and kept right on going. It's a good reminder of being very in the moment as we journal.

  2. Seems idyllic !
    So happy for you to have this time.
    I know you love to travel.
    I am envious that you can blog from your ipad.
    Take good care.

  3. Glad you are in and around nature! Fun thinking about past adventures in the outdoors. Cheating! I can't even imagine that you did! :-) Have fun!

  4. Wow very nice! I have spent a lot of time in Utah. In fact before we move to OR. to help my mom, we were just about to sign the dotted line on a new house. I guess we are suppose to be here for now. Cheating huh????? hee hee hee You are so funny.
    Have a wonderful time