Friday, April 15, 2016

mixed media journal spread, #artjournaleveryday

my friend lyn told me this story and it 

has stuck with me as sage advice. 

one dayas lynn  debated and deliberated 

about  what to do for the next step on the 

piece of art.  her teacher said,

just stick it down and be done with it.

we laughed.  but every time since if find

myself in a struggle, i remember this.

i know that there are no real mistakes 

in mixed media art.  there is always another layer

and very often it leads down an 

unintended and exciting path.

what has your experience been

when you are stumped?


  1. That is good advice. Also, there's "moving on ..." ;o)

  2. Wonderful art philosophy and advice! I have many journal pages that have gone nowhere and sit half done... I often return to complete them...

    Hugs Giggles

  3. Thanks so much for this detailed information, Irene!
    I thought I wouldn't need that, thought I should have enough to experiment with, but I think I was wrong :)
    And your journal spread is great!!

  4. The brown tones are so warm in this piece. They give prominence to the windowed part. Very nice indeed!