Friday, May 6, 2016

teabag painting

i love art supplies.  you could say i collect them

just to experiment with them.  sometimes it takes a

while for me to even get around to trying a product.

that's the case with clear gesso.  now i have it on 

hand always.  

what is gesso?

gesso comes in white, black, clear and even colors.  it is used

as a primer and sealer  and make an even ground for

acrylic or oil paint.    clear gesso dries clear to translucent 

depending on the thickness of the application.  i apply with

a sponge brush or inexpensive bristle brush.  

how do i use it?

as a painter and mixed media artist, i love layering

color on color, collage on paint, paint over collage,

paint over a sketch ... you get the picture.  you might 

even do the same.  

clean up

soap and water.  important to wash immediately after 

using or your brush will be a solid block of bristles.  especially

check the bristles at the base of the brush.  i squeeze the

bristles with my fingers.  if it feels sticky, i wash again.

where to use clear gesso


use clear gesso between layers or if you are not sure

about the next step.  it  protects the bottom layer and 

gives you the option  to remove the last layer.


apply a layer of clear gesso on paper, canvas, wood

before using pastels.  clear gesso leaves a tooth which

is a nice surface for pastels. and oil pastels.  this grit or  tooth

is what i did not like about it when i first tried it.  i was used to 

smooth white gesso and had not tried pastels at the time.  now i love it.


brush it on an altered book.  you can then paint over it and 

wipe off paint to retain the text below.


as with any product, experiment, break the rules,

let yourself play!


  1. Love that tea bag, and thanks for the gesso tips! Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  2. You are the master of teabag painting. Love it and each one that you have done. I love your explanation of clear gesso, too.

  3. Fun art and looks and sounds like it was fun to create! I wish you another creative week ahead.

  4. Irene it has just occured to me that I have never used clear gesso!! I use white...and a lot of black gesso but never clear...I think I should try it out as you say it would probably protect my layers. I also have to add you are right about brushes. I would say use cheaper ones because I have ruined so many I only use expensive ones for watercolour and fine acrylic details.

  5. Thanks for the ideas on clear gesso. I have products I haven't yet used and one of them is clear gesso.

  6. Oh I love your teabag beautiful and colourful! I have black and white gesso and keep forgetting I want the clear one...On my list now that you reminded me!!

    Hugs Giggles

  7. Yes, I like the new long shape teabag - excellent for a figure. And the tear adds to the design. Lovely colours as usual.

  8. Wonderful teabag. Thanks for tips.
    Happy weekend xx

  9. beautiful teabag art Irene, and I love using clear gesso. Happy PPF!

  10. At the risk of shocking you I have to confess I've never used gesso. Thanks to your step by step tips I might just be brave to give it a go.
    Fantastic teabag artwork too.
    Happy PPF to you

  11. Irene this is a stunning piece of tea bag art. It leaves so much to the imagination. Just wonderful.

  12. I love it too! So full of texture and still you cannot see it :oD