Wednesday, May 25, 2016

hints on collaging or

things learned along the way

i used to think of myself as having collaging issues.

by this i mean the papers dried lumpy or there were

pockets in the center of the collaged piece were bubbles

appeared after the adhesive dried or a section of the 

edge would lift.  you understand.  while i love to 

collage, these 'issues' took away from the pleasure.

here are a few things that have been helpful. 

the adhesive choices

i learned from kelly kilmer that it is important to
use glue sticks that say permanent  on them.  in my
rush to glue down a piece of paper, i did not always
thoroughly check to see that glue was spread over every
section.  this is key.  no glue, no stick.  it seems logical,
it is logical but i missed this for years!

acrylic mediums

most artists love matt medium as an adhesive.  it 
doesn't work for me.  i have tried to analyze why to 
no avail.  i have just accepted that it doesn't work for me.
and i also stopped mentioning this because inevitably i would
hear, 'why? it always works for me'

what i use

in my hunt for the perfect adhesive i have resorted to mixing
a personal acrylic medium.  here is what i use.

1.   the ultra matt medium and the nova gel are the thickest.  i put equal 
amounts of them in  a small plastic container with a lid.  

2.   i add the about a quarter of the amount of soft body gel gloss 
if i have some.  this ingredient is not essential.  

3.  then i add in the fluid matt medium a little at a time
and stir well until the mixture is like butter that has been
left out of the refrigerator for an hour, in other words soft and creamy.

as you can see, this is not scientific but there is some logic...
i don't like the  mixture to be glossy because it tends to show when it dries.  
the ultra matt medium is very thick, too think for my liking.  
mixing it with a soft gel gloss equalizes the shine.  
the matt medium brings the mixture to a nice consistency that makes 
using brush, finger or palate knife application easy.  

as with the glue stick, apply on the back of every bit of the paper to be glued down
AND add a thin layer to the substrate to insure bonding.

in a future post i will explain the next step that insures a flat, smooth

other adhesives i often use
these are applied to the surface and will show 

various masking tapes

enjoy your collage project!

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  1. Oh Thanks for this great information. I will share with my daughter who loves collage! Wonderful mixture!

    Hugs Giggles