Saturday, May 28, 2016

dyed clothing labels, drying

recently after seeing this photo of onion skin dyed
clothing labels, i was asked how to use onion skins.

one usage for the onion skin is to make

onion skin dyes



yellow onion skins


paper strips to test dye the color


jars with lids for storing the dye

boil yellow onion skins in a pot for

30 minutes or more.   during the boiling process,

dip  paper stops in the liquid to see the color.   label

the strips so you remember how long the skins

were boiled.  the longer it is boiled,

the deeper the color.  if you want a strong color

the liquid can be reduced with continued boiling

 after the skins are removed.

book made from the labels and a few teabags

when it has cooled,

add a little alcohol to keep it from molding.

be sure not to skip this step... i did have lovely mold growing in a few days.

store the dye in a cool place, away from the sun.

when the dye is finished, use it

as you would any dye, paint, dip, splatter...

another process i do with  onion skins

includes using fresh flower petals, onion skins, leaves

and boiling paper.  start saving now.   the flower

petals can be saved in a plastic bag and frozen then

brought out when you're ready to use them.  i will show

this process in a few days.  the clothing tags i used to

make the book were boiled.

here are the supplies needed for boiled paper


onion skins

any kind of paper

flower petals and/or dried leaves


a small rock to weigh down the papers

last week some of you were interested in my personal
college adhesive that i mix.  i give the 'formula'
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posting with paint party friday
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  1. Love those tea bags. We sometimes used onion skins to die eggs for Easter. Hugs, Valerie

    1. I like the idea of using the onion skins to dye Easter eggs. Did you add the eggs to the water or wrap the eggs in the skins?
      ~~ Irene

  2. Wonderful little book ~ so creative!

    Happy Weekend to you ~ ^_^

    1. Thank you Carol. Have a lovely week!
      ~~ Irene

  3. Onion skins are an amazing dye. My mom and I used them often. I love the idea of using them as clothing labels. Or art labels. This is a very inspiring post for me. Thanks Irene. Have a wonderful weekend.

    1. Hello Nicole, I am curious how you and your mother used the onion skins. I found some fun ways to use them on the labels that i will describe in a post in a few days. Thank you for visiting.
      xo Irene

  4. Beautiful...great information... especially about adding the alcohol to stave off mold! Thanks for sharing...will check out the adhesive too!!

    Hugs Giggles

    1. Hello Giggles, I am so glad you liked the information about dying! Thanks for visiting.
      xo Irene

  5. Cool!!! I was putting them on the page -- didn't even know they could be used to make dye!! Thanks, lady!

    1. Hi Emily, How were you putting them on the page? LMK how the dyes work.
      xo Irene

  6. they turned out beautifully Irene. I must say that at first glance I thought you made special homemade chips from potatoes - to eat! I must be hungry:)

  7. Really interesting post and the flower petals are lovely.

  8. It's really wonderful idea to use something natural for labels! Thank you for detailed recipe. I'd love to try to make it myself. You impressed me by your creativity!

  9. What a lovely idea to make books out of the tags.

  10. Love this idea! Thank you for sharing Irene... I'm gonna have to stroll around your blog ;-)
    Michelle ♥