Sunday, June 10, 2018

i love to start pieces of art.  often, though,

i do not complete them.  either i move on to the 

next  technique or medium or i am uncertain of

how to take it to the next step.  i am having fun 

revisiting some of these pieces with fresh eyes.

this was a monoprint.  originally it was only a red

image with little details.  i added acrylic paint and 

colored pencil.  

you always need a friend, acrylic

i am thrilled that my piece was selected in an 

annual international show, ca 101.   

i took pictures of my favorite pieces to share here

but am not showing them because the issue of

copyright came up while i was at the show.  i did not

ask permission of the artists so i would prefer to  possibly

infringe on their rights.  

on a celebratory note,  i am counting down to my son's 

wedding in september.   my friends gave the bride to be a west coast 

shower.  it was a day to remember.  friends and family 

stayed for five hours!  there is  much love and 

excitement in the air in the rafael household!

X O X O 



  1. Congratulations on your art being exhibited again Irene- I LOVE your bunnies!! Not sure what to say about the copyright issues-there are so many blurred lines involved. How wonderful to have a family wedding to look forward to. Happy PPF!

  2. How exciting to have your art selected for this show. I love your different styles. But how disgusting that that photographer used your art in her pictures. That is really not done. You are right to be shocked. I would contact her and confront her. She probably means no harm but she should consider the implications of what she's doing. She might do the same with your art next year...

  3. Congratulations on having your acrylic rabbit piece seleted for the exhibit. It's simply beautiful. Blessings!

  4. Oh my, i love this piece so much. Just the best, Irene. :-)

  5. Congratulations dear friend. It is well deserved for your art to be selected.

  6. How lovely...I especially love your painting of bunnies! LOVELY. I am so sorry the photographer took advantage. The Photographers I have dealt with always ask permission first.

  7. Congratulations to you and your beautiful art, Irene. Love your fabulous bunny painting.
    Happy PPF and weekend xx

  8. Hi Irene, wow congratulations! I have never seen your larger works and this is fabulous!

  9. Wonderful art! Congratulations on being chosen to take part in the exhibition! Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  10. Beautiful work, interesting about the copyright I wouldn't have thought to get permission to show other's work.

  11. Luv the revisited piece. Congratulations on your sons upcoming wedding
    Happy you dropped by my blog this week


  12. I like your woman and the bunnis are cute :)