Friday, May 25, 2018

welcome to my blog!

I post art that reflects my current interests.  I started this  blog with the intent

 to record my art process.   at the time,  I made journals and filled them with 

collage and writing .  then I wanted to learn to paint my own images

instead of one from magazines.  I learned acrylic painting  all along,

I incorporated bits and pieces of paper.  for a while now, I have been 

fascinated  faces.  I have drawn,  painted, collaged distorted faces in 

countless ways experimenting on various mediums.    I don't see this ending!  

recently I have added some figurative work and am excited to see

where this will lead.  I know all of you have moved

through different stages, growing, learning and incorporating new techniques

and mediums.  I love to see  other peoples processes and am grateful for 

the online community and social media for this reason.

I view art inspiration and post daily on instagram.   there I have

found it a friendly and welcoming community.  i also post any

art related thoughts and outings that I may have come across here on this blog.

i hope you enjoy!

my local art center, in palos verdes, california is 

having a charming elementary school children's exhibit 

sponsored by art at your fingertips.

i participated in this program when my son was in school.

artists submit a project based on a concept or artist

and volunteer parents from each school learn the project

and then teach it to students at school

this augments the art or lack of art education

in the schools.

it also gives parents a chance to have hands on experience

in the classroom as well as providing art concepts 

to young children.

my experience was that children

were eager to learn

artists were eager to share and create a project.

on the day i visited the gallery

a classroom was also there.

I had a chance to overhear the teachers ask wonderful questions 

which reviewed the art concept and also made it personal

for the students.  i was very impressed and smiled as

I snuck a listen and took pictures of the art.

on my morning beach walk
only in southern california!

it is a three day holiday weekend here in the united

states.   I hope you have fun plans with loved ones whether

you live here or not!  I am lucky enough to have my son

and his fiancé here so it's an extra special time for me!

thank you for visiting today!

posting with friends at paint party friday


  1. The school art looks charming! Your faces also look wonderful.

  2. What a wonderful idea! There is certainly a lack of art in the California schools. I live in Northern California. I enjoy creating with kids. They have an endless imagination and I feel blessed when I can sit and paint or color or draw with a child. It is wonderful that you and other adults get involved in teaching different art forms to kids. Art definitely heals and inspires. Thank you for sharing this. It warms my heart looking at the artwork they created! Happy PPF and have a safe Memorial Day. Hugz, Rasz

  3. Love your collection of faces. We recently had a display at the Art Center of Sarasota of the public schools art work. It was amazing and reassuring that the schools still offer art. Wishing you a happy PPF

  4. Lovely portrait sketches and thanks for sharing the posters too
    Happy you dropped by my blog today Irene


  5. Your faces are wonderful. The school art is great, so important for kids to be able to joi in such events. Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  6. Love all those little faces. Never got the opportunity to attend art school. That one looks great though.

  7. delightful portrait paintings Irene. I also enjoyed seeing the art exhibits and such and hearing about integrating the school children and families. Art is such an important part of the whole learning, creative experience. happy PPF!

  8. How perfectly wonderful and delightful.

  9. I always love those little faces you make. Are these on teabags? Art done by kids can be really interesting. I always love to go the those exhibitions.

    1. Pushed the post button too fast. Wanted to wish you a happy weekend with your son and his fiance :-)

  10. I love that you shared the elementary art. So fun to see and wow, it was displayed amazingly. I also love seeing your portraits and seeing them together is just plain fun. Thanks for that! :-)