Friday, May 18, 2018

aloha!  having recently returned from the 

lovely hawaiian islands, it has been a slow start 

back into doing some art but I'm back in the full swing

with some drawings and travel photos today.

he would be much happier if he turned 

to see the color in the world.  instead he

only looked down.

marbled drawing 

a friend gave me a vintage simplicity pattern.

it brought back memories of my tailoring teacher, 

her red cheeks, powdered face, tabu perfume and 

pearls.  a tad overdone for a high school teacher but 

she taught me how to meticulously make tiny stitches

which no one ever saw but molded  jackets to fit perfectly.

i went on to win tailoring contests.

one of the main reasons to go to honolulu was to visit the 

disney resort.  our friend was asked to paint the mural depicting

the history of hawaii.

it graces the entry.  our son was the model

for one of the warriors.

the pictures i have seen of the mural does not measure to

seeing it in person.

we stayed at the iconic

pink royal hawaiian hotel on waikiki beach.

so much of waikiki has been built up so

that you cannot see the beach from the street.

it has years since i have visited this island.

the royal hawaiian was a treat and a retreat 

back into a bit of old hawaii.

on my morning walk were japanese tourists doing 

yoga on the beach, their designer bags lined up

in back of them. 

we stayed in poipu for the remainder of the trip.

in a sweet house owned by a family since the 

early 1900s.  the view was unbeatable and the 

weather perfect. 

there are leaves that look like a world map

and feel like leather.

i miss the waves lapping on the shore, the soft breezes,

the slow pace... a sign of a good trip.

thank you for visiting today.
wishing you lovely weekend!

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  1. Wow!Wonderful Irene, so happy for you to have a beautiful getaway and still do beautiful photos and art. ♥ welcome home! ♥

  2. Oh, wow, Irene! What a lovely trip, and how exciting to have seen your friend's mural (!!!) in person! And how precious that your son is depicted as one of the warriors. Lovely sketches (good reminder to see the color!)
    Happy PPF!

  3. Beautiful work, and lovely photos from Hawaii!

  4. Beautiful art and gorgeous photos!!! Love the warriors and using your son as a model was a great idea!!!

  5. How very lovely to see more of your beautiful artwork Irene :D)
    Your holiday photos are great!

  6. your art is always with feeling and beauty Irene. Hawaii looks heavenly, how nice to be so close to travel there. happy PPF!

  7. Well, this is definitely an exciting sharing of your work. First, I absolutely love the old man facing away and looking down from color. Absolutely amazing. Love the narrative to go with your contour plus piece. WOW!
    OK, I can't stand it! The other two contour plus piece are really over-the-top wonderful, too. YIKES! You are something

    Now I remember that journal. It looked huge to me at first. It took me a bit of time to recognize it. :-)

  8. How fabulous, Irene. I didn't know your son is a model! The mural is awesome. I can't imagine how cool it must look in person. So happy you got to see it! :)