Friday, April 27, 2018

today  you get a tour of the amazing mosaic tile house in 

venice, california.  gonzalo and his wife, cheri, have created 

a site to behold in their home.  every inch is covered

in tile.  i was lucky enough to attend a tour with one of my art groups.  

also, are two of my recent charcoal portraits on paper.

here we go...

i couldn't stop taking pictures!

the side wall!

a little bench for your weary bones.

it all started here when the bathroom wall needed patching.

 instead, 4 x 4 white tiles were broken and patched the area.

but it didn't stop there. 

they continued on to the wall,

covered the tub!

while working in their studies.  both are artists and each has their own space

to tinker in.

then back outside again. 

 oh, every house needs a  working kitchen!

the sink!

i think these pictures say it all!

have a lovely weekend.  mine will be taken up

with fixing -- technical issues, home repairs, the

continued decluttering process (going very well, by the way).

posting today with paint party friday art friends


  1. Your portraits are great. The tile house is fantastic, what a marvelous work of art. Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  2. Love love love the portraits you did in charcoal on paper, Irene. It is amazing how realistic they are. The tile place is very interesting and must have been such a joy to create and for visitors like you to visit.

  3. OK. This is a double WOW! First, I love the tile house. I had seen it recently somewhere but can remember where. How lucky that you visited.
    Second, your portraits are stunning! Totally awesome! The feeling you have provided is just fantastic! :-)

  4. Wow!!!!stunning art and photos . Thank you for today's share Irene


  5. Wow, I love your portraits! The tile house is certainly unique, thanks for the tour...

  6. Beautiful portraits. And my goodness--can you imagine living and working in such a place? It is wonderful.

  7. Wow, love your drawings! Super house!

  8. omg ... First of all: that first charcoal-portrait is so beautiful ... And second: that house! I saw this a few weeks ago on Facebook and was mesmerized. And now you have seen it in real life! I'm jealous! I'd love to walk around there, I wouldn't be able to stop taking pictures either. Thanks so much for sharing, it's amazing and I love that couple!

  9. Beautiful faces! Love the anger in that second one. That is one amazing tile mosaic house! Great photos.

  10. Beautiful charcoals Irene, what an amazing tile house, thanks for sharing.

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  12. A million thank yous for this post!! I am so glad I'm on my pc where I get to see the photos enlarged, with all the yummy colour and detail...Wow, did you get goosebumps? I've seen an art tour on tv...not sure if it was this house... But it too was amazing!! Stunning ....and so are your charcoals... I love the great expression on their faces!! Thanks again for sharing!!

    Peace Giggles

  13. Beautiful portraits, wow, those eyes!
    And holy cow, what a cool and amazing house! Must lift the spirits to be surrounded by so much color every day.

  14. Gorgeous art, your charcoal portraits are stunning and soulful. Wowness, I am enchanted by the magical wonderland of tile..amazing! Thanks for sharing the adventure of creative beauty...very mesmerizing and fantastical.
    Happy PPF
    Victoria #24

  15. Dear Irene

    Of my 2018 edition of ATCs [3.5x2.5 inches ] I still have 4sets. If you would like to swap email me for snail mail address

    much love...

  16. First your pieces are outstanding. I love the intensity in both of them. The house is fun to see but for me would be difficult to live in. Have a great Sunday

  17. Wow! Your work keeps getting better and better, Irene. I LOVE your sketches.

    The mosaic house is amazing. I can't even begin to imagine all the work that's gone into it.

  18. Amazing tiling. Thank you for sharing

    Happy PPF


  19. Irene, Your portraits are amazingly detailed and wonderful and that tile house, WOW!!! I can't even imagine creating something like that on such a large scale!!!

    Happy PPF 🎨

  20. I absolutely adored your charcoal portraits Irene!
    My goodness, to see all those beautiful mosaics was mind-blowing, to be actually there and to see them close up would be wonderful. Thank you for sharing all the photos. Happy PPF! :D)

  21. Such color! Whew! What I love about your portraits is the eyes. Just wonderful! Happy PPF