Friday, June 15, 2018

hello, this week...

I continued doing daily drawings in a pocket sized

sketchbook.  this selection was done trying to capture

character while watching a jack reacher movie

had fun collaging  together two previous drawings done in a 

lynn whipple online workshop,  

painted with liquid pencil by derwent.  this was a gift that 

and was quite fun.  from what I understand,  it is a type of 

graphite in  a water soluble binder.  I used a brush and 

moved around the pigment.  It is kind of sticky.  the more

water added, the looser the brush strokes, 

decided to draw in an expressive style rather than 

the classic figurative drawing in a life drawing drop in,

drew and painted on papers  purchased from cyanotype

artist, krista mc curdy.

and I tried a few botanical cyano prints of my

own using wild flowers I picked on the road.

when I recap, it seems like I did a lot this week!  

and this doesn't include cooking for two days for 

a dinner party.  gosh, I'm tired after looking back.

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  1. You have a passion that I admire. It is obvious that you love creating portraits. It is your niche. Lovely work, Irene. :-)

  2. Lovely work Irene, your happiness shows through! Miss you.

    1. Thank you Jacki! I miss you and think of you so often!! Hope to see you after I get back from Chicago?

  3. I have seen many do sketches on pocket sized sketchbooks.

  4. that's exactly what I was thinking while scrolling through your images: you did a lot! Love the sketches in your sketchbook, and the Lynn Whipple drawings. Happy PPF!

  5. Wow ~ all of your creations are wonderful! So creative ~ love Jack Reacher mysteries ~ and the sun print is elegant!

    Happy Weekend to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  6. Wow! You've had a busy week, also. Love what you've got going on here, Irene. :)

  7. No wonder you felt tired. Hope you had some time to relax at the weekend.
    I really like your lines. Simple but tell us all the info we need to imagine/create a picture in our minds...

  8. Wow Irene all of the sketches are full of emotion. Just beautiful.