Saturday, July 14, 2018

a fun drawing exercise

grab a familiar object and 

different size and tips markers,

draw what you see with your 

dominant, then non dominant hand,

don't look and feel the object you have just been

drawing, try some contours.

posting with friends at paint party friday
hosted weekly by eva and kristen

thank you for visiting today!  I hope you 

are spending time with people you love this weekend!



  1. Hi Irene. This is a great exorcise. I think I will play with this idea tomorrow. Have a great weekend.

  2. Cool exercise! The glasses really look unique and fun doing it this way! Thanks for sharing this idea. :) Happy PPF!

  3. I wish we were closer so we could meet up weekly to just do art together. You are having so much fun in S. CA. :-)

  4. Great techniques, Irene, and it
    looks like you had fun doing it! ♥

  5. Fun project to get the feel of different size pencils. Blessings, Janet