Saturday, July 28, 2018


watercolor, pencil and lots of water

i continue to attempt to do life drawings.  drawing the 

whole figure in a short period of time is too much for 

my skill level so i decided to do what i can and 

have fun with it until i get instructions on how to 

approach the whole figure.  well, i did have a class

which i enjoyed but found that there is much to learn.

i am on the search for another class.  until then, i will

continue trying.  

acrylic, pencil, oil pastel

this is a throw back painting from my first

painting class.  i painted a series of over 20 painting in this

style.   i was painting faces then and 

have not stopped!

did you see the blood red moon eclipse? 

thank you for your visit this week.  whether or not you comment,
i appreciate that  you have taken the time to see what i am doing...
but i do like your comments!

this post is linked with paint party friday, an online
community of artists hosted by eva and kristen. 


  1. I always enjoy seeing your work Irene, always a treat!

  2. Olá, Boa tarde, gostei de conhecer a sua arte, esta nunca é completa, os grandes pintores estão sempre aprender, acontece naturalmente em cada traço das suas pinturas, sua habilidade para o desenho, revela enorme capacidade, votos que assim continue e feliz fim fim de semana.

  3. Lovely work! I missed the eclipse unfortunately.

  4. I love the liveliness and free spirit of your first portrait. It seems like it would be very freeing to paint like that, so I'll need to try it sometime. Thanks for your visit to my blog and blessings!

  5. Both your art pieces are wonderful! ~ so creative and expressive!

    Happy Day to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  6. Beautiful! They're both wonderful and expressive. Really lovely artwork :)

  7. Wow this watercolor is amazing. There is a lot of character and feeling. I like the second one as well.

  8. Boa tarde, a arte partilhada é encantadora, não sou um entendedor de arte, mas apreciador sou, assim, para o meu gosto, existe umas que me encantam e outras não, tanto a aguarela e acrílico, para o meu gosto, são maravilhosas.
    Continuação de feliz semana,