Friday, August 3, 2018

hello bloggers!

a reworked mixed media piece.  I wish I took before photos.

art by hush

I attended am hour and half workshop offered by 

the long beach museum of art.  It featured creating art 

art by dennis mc nett

influenced by two of the exhibiting artists.  

we viewed these two pieces with a pencil and paper,

drew any images that inspired us, then sat down

with a few supplies and created our own piece.  

I had to leave early and did not get a chance to finish 

but here is the start.  I may work on it more.  It was

a creative community offering with students of all ages.

it also happened to be the free night for the museum so 

it was a lively group.  I joined the museum and will go again!

happy friday!


  1. Irene, I love your tea bag art...all are gorgeous!!!

    Happy PPF~

  2. Irene you have taken so much away from the workshop and been inspired, I do hope you will share the finished piece if you get a moment.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Happy PPF Tracey.

  3. You say "reworked" and you have my attention. She is beautiful and it looks like there is a lot of history there. Happy PPF

  4. Really lovely reworked face. Thank you for sharig yours and museum art.
    Happy PPF 🌺

  5. Well that looks like so much fun!! :) Happy PPF!

  6. sounds like a fun class, nice work so far!

  7. I love the portrait of "Mary"?
    A lovely work! ♥

  8. I love your reworked mixed media piece! It sounds like a fun class.

  9. Very nice work Irene. Happy PPF


  10. I really like the piece you reworked...the colours, your lady and her position are interesting to look at.

  11. I am enthralled with your first piece, the portrait. OMG! I am looking and looking and looking at it. Really wonderful, Irene!

  12. Beautifully done. I especially love the first piece.

  13. I love your face art. This is a fantastic idea for an art class. It gives me some ideas. Yours is starting out very interesting.

  14. That sounds like a great workshop! And such beautiful art to be inspired by! Love your portrait!