Tuesday, July 3, 2012

From Humble Beginnings

Way back in a forgotten corner of my yard I spotted
an undeniable brilliance of color.  It drew me in and I 
had to walk over to inspect it.

I had almost forgotten about an epiphyllum I  
planted in a wire basket. 

Neglected it survived only on rain water. 

From the withered, dried, untended bloomed sprang a glorious beauty.  
Although it is a hybrid of cactus species which does not require much water,
I wondered whether more tending would result in more blossoms.  
This bust of color called out to the part of myself 
left untended in the corners of my being.  There is a life force within that lies dormant 
ready to blossom with beauty that cannot be underestimated.  We cannot give up 
or take for granted that this is all there is.  We don't have to try so hard.   We can just let it be, 
allow the inherent potential within to bloom and glow for all to see.


acrylic, testure, oil pastel

On the first of the month I join Kat Eye Studio for Photo-Heart Connection where we select a photo taken in the previous month and give words to the why the photo touched our heart.


  1. What a wonderful pink bloom. That second shot is breathtaking! Humble beginnings indeed. I like your accompanying words!
    Thank you for visiting Reflections an Nature so that I may visit you here! Sandra

  2. this is truly a beautiful connection between this amazing bloom, and the inner bloom that we have the potential to "grow" in ourselves!

  3. Truly beautiful image, and your words really speak to my heart. Thank you for sharing this.

  4. Oh this speaks to me in a huge way, HUGE. I know there are parts of me I have not watered, that have been left to wither, but will not die. I love this connection...and I have to ask, is that last photo a painting that you did? It's beautiful!

  5. Irene, the inside of your bloom looks like a firework display.

  6. What a lovely series of images, and reflection. Strange how it's the untended parts where the good stuff grows, even if we like to think it's what we're best at cultivating ;-)

  7. Irene,

    The flower is gorgeous. To think it survived with the will of nature! Thanks for linking to my blog as well.

    Do you have a name of the person by the tree? Lovely!

  8. Flower is fantastic photo! And your painting I love ~ wonderfully mysterious and awesome ~ ~ thanks, ^_^ (A Creative Harbor)

  9. What a beautiful flower. Your painting is awesome. Makes one think. Thanks for sharing.

  10. What a lesson for all of us...we can bloom despite the circumstances!

  11. great flower pictures, thanks for sharing

  12. Beautiful words and images in your Photo-Heart Connection this month. Such a great reflection... that left untended, there can still be such beautiful blooms in our heart and soul. And if tended, how many more might there be? Thank you so much for sharing your images and words with us in the Photo-Heart Connection.