Friday, October 3, 2014

i have been printing with a small group for less than 

a year.  i have not found my way with this technique.

this summer i worked with the talented printer, public artist and 

educator, caryl levy at her chinatown  studio.  

we learned to mix our oil based printers inks inks

to a creamy consistency,

and learned how to listen to the brayer when we 

roll through the ink spreading it evenly on the brayer.

how to soak the paper, blot it dry so it is no longer shiny

and is ready to accept the ink.  then rolled it through this press.

here are a few of the pieces i printed.


i have been printing with water based inks. 

i fell in love with the rich colors that result from the oils inks.

while most of the steps were not new to me working for two 

days with a skilled teacher gave me  more confidence

in approaching a blank sheet.  i hope to do this again 

and am in search for a local press i can use.

the day started like this.

two hours later....


it is going to be a hot one.

sending cool thoughts to paint party friday friends.
grateful to kristin and eva for creating this weekly community.


  1. Love the results Irene and the class sounds wonderful. Happy PPF, Annette x

    1. Hello Netty, Yes, I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. Thanks for visiting today!

  2. Love the pints, what a difference the real inks and a press make. Lovely photos, too. Valerie

    1. I agree, inks and a press make all the difference.

  3. Gorgeous...I love these prints! Dreamy color combos! Both you ladies are very talented! Thanks for sharing these amazing photos!

    Hugs Giggles

    1. Hi Giggle, It is great to see you here today. Thank you for your comment on my printing experience. xo

  4. What absolutely gorgeous papers, Irene! That looks like so much fun.

  5. I love your hand printed papers! That first one is especially neat, with all the depth you achieved, so I can see why it sold so quickly. Blessings!

  6. Oh, wonderful. Your artwork just fills my eyes, which is the greatest compliment I can give. I loved seeing the process by which you work.

  7. Wow! I never understood how a press like this works, but the results are amazing!

  8. Irene, your art prints are incredible! My mouth dropped when I saw that first one. So beautiful. Isn't it interesting how different the art can be, depending on what medium we choose? These pieces are just brilliant. Bravo to you for seeking out such wonderful guidance! xx