Wednesday, October 8, 2014

gaining insight from ancestors

not too long ago my ancestor immigrated 

to the land of promise.  their homeland had undergone

upheaval and was in transition.   they heard that there were

opportunities in 'amerika'.   many were disappointed, took menial

jobs yet they felt like guests in this country.  this meant putting 

your best foot forward.  they tried hard to belong and taught 

their children the same.   i still find myself falling into this, 

trying to belong, feeling on the outside, uncertain, trying hard.


  1. Really really love this Irene and your thoughts to go with it.

  2. Still, one doesn't have to be 'exotic' to feel this way - any clique-y group (some established art groups who love their tutor even!) can exude this atmosphere of 'you don't belong'.

  3. I agree, Catherine. I think being human, one will have this experience at some time.