Thursday, October 16, 2014

mixed media, 19 x 24 on bristol paper

with a quick change of settings a my mac

this results and you can have a look

at the values in a piece.

and with a slight chance in the saturation

this results.

ps  i continue to perge and declutter by collecting at least a bag

filled to give away, recycle or throw away.  i say that but look at 

my desk....just saying...i have a long way to go.  and of course,

in the process after a birthday lunch i found a chandelier at anthropologie

 that i was jus that i was looking for...if you can't see the details,

it is wrapped with text paper.   had to have it.  what do you think?

i think i am a consumer/collector at heart.

happy paint party friday.  thanking kristin and eva for this weekly

gather and welcoming all familiar and new friends. 

thank you for sopping by today.



  1. Pretty work Irene!
    And the chandelier is you!
    A birthday chandelier, I like that!
    Is it in your studio?
    Yea Anthropologie!

    1. I did a happy dance when I saw it but did not think to buy it until my friends encouraged me to do it. It is in my studio but have yet to have a time for the electrician to come out. Love Anthropologie.

  2. Reckon you are incorrigible (re collecting)!
    I just found a similar set of buttons on my iPad - don't know if they weren't there before or what. Really useful as I used to upload things to Photoshop, kill the colour etc. to view the balance. That's why I like old art books (most out of print, bought secondhand) - in black and white there's no hiding place for poor composition. But it's hard work doing it every time - I get carried away...

  3. More stunning artwork my friend, and fabulous know the rule...the more you purge, the more room there is for new things to come into your life!! That's when the things you are dreaming of show up!! Congratulations on being featured this week at ppf!! Also I think you need to reenter your link into PPF as it goes right back to ppf instead of to your blog!!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. Love your bright mixed media, just wonderful. That chandelier is fantastic! Valerie

  5. What a fabulous colourful glowing painting, I love it.

  6. congratulations on being featured on PPF. Love the fabulous colours on this piece. Happy PPF, Annette x

  7. Brilliant art Irene- I LOVE how the colors flow and move around the whole piece! Very cool chandelier too:)

  8. Hi Irene! Happy PPF. Congrats on being showcased this week. I love your abstracts and the way you use color. This week's picture has an amazing, mystical moonlit sky. I love it. Rasz #56

  9. congratulations Irene on being the featured artist, hope many more people can now enjoy your fabulous artwork, love those vibrant colours.

  10. Yup on the chandelier! Yup on the piece you worked on on your Mac! I also spy mail! :-)

  11. OOhhhh I love this painting. Dark and bright at the same time. My kind of art. LOL Hey how can you go wrong with this chandelier and for your birthday. Many more to come!

  12. I love that chandelier. I would have bought it too. It would be perfect for an art studio! Your artwork is so interesting and I loved seeing the sequence of how you came up with the final piece. Lovely!