Thursday, October 2, 2014

ever since i was in college i have loved swap meets.

the nostalgia, the hunt for a bargain, the bartering,

the odd assemblage of items that were once owned by a 

stranger, that had another mysterious life.   every door in my

house has 1920-40 glass knobs and every  glass drawer pull 

is from the swap meet.  they are high maintenance, 

imperfect  and i love them. 

 a bit of wabi wabi style.

over the years i have scoured swaps for various collections.

like dishes, table mirrors, quilts, table ware, fiesta ware, 

bauer pottery, glass floats found in the ocean, green glass jars,

baskets, bakelite, ginger jars, little colored creamers,

you even see some strange and wild flowers

1940's rayon dresses, black cordite purses....

to name a few.  i have passed many of these things on

to other homes as i outgrew them.

now when i go, i focus on old paper items, a few old photos,

correspondence, journals that i can use for future collages.

and i enjoy seeing creative ways people display their wares 

 and the company of a friend as we walk for hours. 

“But tonight,

 the lion of contentment 

has placed a warm heavy paw on my chest. ” 

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