Friday, October 31, 2014

acrylic, pencil, oil pastel, wip

one of my first painting teachers was jesse reno.  he 

starts paintings with colors you love, applying with his hands.

then looking for any images or visions within the paint

i have been revisiting this style of painting in preparation 

for an upcoming show in december.

the palos verdes art center currently has on display

photo by the palos verdes art center

the creations of mark newport.  he hand knitted these 

super hero costumes, extra large in size.  very dramatic.

also showing are these mixed media costumes by

photo by the palos verdes art center

kerelle levy.

photo by the palos verdes art center

and an interactive living room.  i wish i had time that day to

sit and reminisce all of the hours of holding knitting needles 

in my hands.  i will return for sure!

a note to visitors,  
blogger deleted this post which i had posted earlier.
my apologies if you commented earlier.

posting today along with hostesses eva and kristin 


  1. Wow love this painting and your new colorful pieces lately!! I use this process the majority of the time to find my characters! Awesome fiber center and artworks... love the interactive living room.. I have several funky painted chairs similar to the rockers and I love them! Awesome post!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. I also love this painting. You have such an eye for color and images. This is a fabulous post and congrats on the showing. I wish I was there to attend.

  3. Wonderful post Irene. Happy PPF, Annette x

  4. Super invitation to your show - wish I could come! Have fun preparing for it.

  5. What a great way of painting and what an amazing colourful piece you have here.