Monday, February 17, 2014

day 17 

29 faces

i love the faces that appear from my non-dominant hand.

did i say appear?  does that mean i don't have control 

of the outcome?  sometimes i think it's true.

view on my two blocks from home

“The creative process is a process of 
surrender, not control.” 


  1. I really like your experimental meanderings Irene, You seem to be really enjoying the challenge so much!

  2. These faces done with the non dominant hand are so interesting and I love the collage background..

  3. Your non-dominant drawing is so effective, and perhaps it is not so much a lack of control we feel in doing this but a setting free. The monochrome painting is lovely. I do admire this drawing/painting, and your ability to create in many different styles. Always a pleasure to visit.

  4. This is a great collage that you made with your drawn face. It has made for a very artistic composition.

  5. I really love the raw beauty of this!