Friday, February 28, 2014

day 28

29 faces

for the last painting of the month here is

an attempt at painting my handsome son.  

there is a resemblance but i will have to try again

and again.

alex and me this summer at the chicago museum of art

later today or tomorrow i will create a collage 

of the paintings  done this month.

we are all different people at different times in our lives.

when we look back, we see the collage of ourself, the fabric that makes

up who we are.   i am thinking of creating a journal which will include

some of this material.   now i am an artist but  i wanted to tell you

a little known fact about me~~

i used to fly airplanes.

have a lovely weekend

today, once again  i am linked with the artists at paint party friday


  1. well done Irene, it is a beautiful portrait. I like blue palette and the composition which is set aside and not centered. Very good piece. Thank you for sharing

  2. This is a wonderful interpretation of your handsome son Irene!

  3. Wow, this is a great drawing but I am so impressed that you are a pilot. I love the feeling of flying.

  4. I think it is very difficult to paint someone you love so dearly, and you have made a great portrait. I like the way you have given the painting 'room to breathe' at the right-hand side, and the blue works really well.
    It would be interesting to hear more about your flying adventures. I'd have loved to do that when I was young - but since I can get lost driving on local roads I think I would have failed the navigation side of things. I have parachute jumped a couple of times, but then the only way was down. It was the best thing I have ever done in my life!

  5. yes, you did pretty well. you can never paint your son too many times:)

  6. you did a great job with your portrait Irene-and I agree- he is such a handsome man :) Congrats on getting thru the Faces challenge!

  7. That is a lovely portrait. I can't paint people, so I admire anyone who can. Did you give up flying planes permanently? That must have been an amazing experience.

  8. What a beautiful photo of you and your son! I really like the way you painted the portrait. And how exiting to imagine that you can fly airplanes!!! That sounds amazing!

  9. He is indeed handsome - I think you did an awesome job (it's most difficult to paint people we love - we see them so differently than we would a stranger) - I love the softness of the portrait and I would recognize him as your son!

  10. First, your son is very handsome and I can see him in your painting. Second... I knew you had a wild sprit. Airplanes how cool is that?

  11. Wonderful likeness on your son's portrait! Beautiful! Happy PPF!

  12. Nicely done, have a wonderful Friday

    Much love...

  13. Wow, nice portrait!
    Happy PPF & a good weekend :)

  14. Wow I'm impressed that you are a pilot. Awesome. Your portrait is resembling your son. Nice work and you look great and very happy with your son.