Thursday, February 13, 2014

day 13

29 faces

after the weekend workshop and another day

of journaling here with friends, my once

organized studio is in lovely piles.

not a surface to be seen.

i cleared enough space for my little japanese journal, 

my lovely fw acrylic inks, a few pens.  i sketched a face with my 

non dominant hand, and used the pens with a loose  sketchy hold.  

i have not used dip pens very much but i do like the splotches of ink 

that blob out at unexpected times.  kinda like those things

you blurt out (and wish you could take backat times).  

 but you make the best of it.

after all, it's all a part of you and the process of life.

and once it's out, it's out.

i liked the blobs so much that i did some intentional drips.

so here is my face of the day, a bird on it's nest and a few stars

for a long time i journaled in a coffee shop each morning.  i created an art travel kit

for supplies. after enough people have told me that they have adopted some of my ideas,

i thought i'd show you here what i take with me.

i carry everything in this eagle creek quarter cube.  it has two zippers 

which i find convenient.  i've had it for years.  it's soft, washable and durable.

btw, i also pack my clothes in eagle creek half cubes.   i am a bit of a packing 'expert' 

and often help friends to pack for trips.  i know, tmi

you get a sense of the size.

all this fit inside.  amazing.

list of contents

pink container is a qtip container from bed bath and beyond.  it has a
cardboard tray.  i put 1/2 pieces of caran d'ache in it.

tombow roller tape

mini tape

child's scissors


plastic bag for trash

washi tape

credit card, sequence waste, coffee sleeve for texture

empty creamer for water

pencil sharpener

disposable gloves

cork backed 6" metal ruler

blender stick--can't remember the proper name 

pencils and charcoal pencils 

black china marker

few sharpies with various tips

pit pens (not shown)

stick eraser and kneaded eraser (not shown)

water brush

stabilo marks all pencil

black pentel color brush

a note on the caran d'ache neo color IIs.  i use them as crayons,

to make a watercolor affect by dipping them in water and coloring

or paint with a brush.  there is so much pigment in one stick

that i bought a large set with my friend lorraine and then broke the sticks in half

for each of us.  i can carry around a lot of color in a little pack.  now people

who are pristine with their supplies cringe at the thought but i love the

used feel and look of supplies.

i hope this is helpful and

if you have travel supply suggestions i'd love to hear.


  1. very cute spread & wow you sure have a lot in that Teeny Tiny travel kit!

  2. Love your travel kit! Wish I could get mine condensed like that! Your face is lovely. She has a wonderful sketchy quality to her.

  3. You have everything so neat that I feel ashamed, my space to paint is always a lot of stuff scattered everywhere and when I travel I am also a disaster. Saludos

  4. Beautiful journal pages, Irene and very inspiring indeed travel kit. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Love your journal pages and thank you for sharing your wonderful travel case. Happy PPF, Annette x

  6. First I really like this painting Irene. The eggs and bird is just fabulous. I also have a traveling art kit. I do mine in the car and so of course I call it my "car art" LOL
    Have a great weekend

  7. love your project with the black spatters! And I have to say , your idea for breaking the crayons in half for travel is genius!

  8. Wow what a super travel kit!! I really like the idea of drawing with your non dominant hand, I remember doing that at art college years ago, must try it again, it creates such free and spontaneous marks!

  9. * ჱܓ♥ *
    ჱܓ* `•.¸,,•´♥ ჱܓ♥*“Happy St Valentine’s Day

  10. Beautiful techniques and artwork, and your travel kit is so sweet! Thank you for your kind words on my blog and happy PPF!

  11. Very inspirational! Wonderful painting with your non dominant hand!

    Hugs Giggles

  12. I LOVE the non-dominant hand drawing! I have a friend who does buildings this way, and then she goes in and fills with watercolor. I really need to try this!

  13. Holy cow, the kit! I can't imagine being so organized. I suppose it's lucky I'm mostly a hermit so I stay where all my stuff is! I really like the sketchy face. Lots of personality!

  14. Love the spontaneous ink blobs,they really do emphasize the gorgeous face sketch….cute art bag.
    Annabelle : )