Friday, February 14, 2014

day 14

29 faces

monoprint of the traditional japanese talisman,


often seen in the entrance of places of business, shops and  restaurants

to beckon customers and good luck.  the calligraphy is an 17th century

coin signifying wealth.

first i made a wire form

so you can see the size

after printing it in black ink on the press i colored it in with these acrylic pens.  

it was like paint by numbers.

i made another print and am thinking i might 

paint it in an untraditional way.


  1. I love your little lucky cat.

  2. What an interesting technique - and an interesting print too. I have never heard of printing from wire as you have done here, and am really intrigued. I have a little wire face I made on a course a couple of years ago when we were making wire structures, so one day I shall try this.
    I have never seen the acrylic pens, but I have taken a note of the name and shall look on Amazon.

  3. What a delightful Maneki Neko! Enjoying your 29 so much.