Thursday, February 27, 2014

day 27

29 faces

i found this piece of painted paper in my drawer.

probably a random experiment left for better days.

the more i looked at it, i began to see a face.  

i lightly penciled her in.

then painted in a loose style.  i've been wanting to practice

working with values and colors.  i don't think this was 

successful as far as that goes.  

there is a fine line between being overly critical  and analyzing  

for learning purposes.  i don't usually get too tied up in heavy 

personal criticism because there is always  another painting to try again.

and we know the drill....

practice, practice, practice.  


1 comment:

  1. Like they say in the books, 'Do lots of starts...' I admire you for keeping them for a rainy day as I tend to get very cross and screw them up to chuck at the bin! Even if it wasn't what you had in mind, she has a nice pensive expression.