Tuesday, February 11, 2014

day 11

29 faces

after spending the last several days 

painting in journals

my fingers itched to rip and paste

to create this face 


a poem by one of my favorite poets

“Despite the enormous evening sky 
spreading over most of the canvas, 
its moon no more 
than a tarnished coin, dull and flat, 
in a devalued currency; 

despite the trees, so dark themselves, 
stretching upward like supplicants, 
utterly leafless; despite what could be 
a face, rinsed of feeling, aimed 
in their direction, 

the two small figures 
at the bottom of this picture glow 
bravely in their carnival clothes, 
as if the whole darkening world 
were dimming its lights for a party.” 
― Linda PastanCarnival Evening: New and Selected Poems, 1968-1998


  1. She looks deep in thought, beautiful collaged piece.

  2. The face at the top of this blog is so interesting. All the colors, and patterns and other materials all combine into a very pleasing final product.

  3. Terrific color and textures in this! Nicely done!