Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Quiet Remembering

mixed media, printed recycled tissue paper, magazine image, acrylic pencil, charcoal on wood

Today I am remembering.

collage journal page, tape, transparencies, magazine image, stick ons

In the midst of holiday bustle and birthday celebrations

journal page, magazine images, napkin, tape, foreign newspaper

there is a quiet place 

journal page, tape, magazine image, rub ons, found paper

inside of me holding thoughts of my mother (1922-2010)

journal page, tape, magazine image, transparencies, tape, citra solve made paper

and honoring mothers of all time, those givers of life and love.

journal page, magazine images, tape, scrap paper, all pen work  above done with sharpie water base pen

Feeling gratitude and appreciation for those who have gone before me.

Today's post is liked to 
recuerda mi corazon, remembering my heart 
with Rebecca. 


  1. Oh, Irene. I just LOVE each journal page. How do you get that really ethereal look in the mixed media piece you show first? The "touching the signs" page reminds me of how Mary might have looked as a young girl, but I know these pieces are dedicated to your mom, now an angel.

    I lost my own mom right before Christmas in 1968 and I can so relate to your words about her looking right into your eyes and really seeing you. How often does that happen in life?

  2. This remembering and honouring all mothers touches my heart and your own mother's departing just yesterday, you must be very tender still.

    Sue x

  3. I am sorry for your loss...
    but happy you are healing through art, because these pages are personal and beautiful...thank you for sharing them with us.

  4. Irene, your beautiful tribute to your Mother is full of such love. I have been thinking of you as I know that this time of year is very hard for you. Am thankful that you have art to channel your heart and memories into. Sending big hugs.

  5. Such a beautiful tribute to your

  6. "she looked directly into your eyes and you knew she really saw you.
    really saw you."

    this tells me so much about the miracle of you. i am honored you are here with us all...remembering your heart of hearts.

  7. Irene, your pages are beautiful. As someone already said, what a wonderful tribute to your mother!

  8. The holidays are also a time of reflection - a time when our family is thought of and missed. I feel your words and they are always so profound... Just so real, honest and beautiful. Xi Lorraine

  9. Such dear and honest pages are so good at sharing in general, what a treat it is for us all...a contribution to our own growth.