Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Musings on the Wealth of Creativity Out There

Continuing thoughts on inspiration. . . .

Just a sampling of books from my bookshelf
to show you how much I love reading the words 
of others as well as looking at the art created by other artists.  

My shelves are  bulging with books and magazines.  
I am inspired through digesting the vision, the scope, the words 
from writers.  I apply it to my life or I compare how my thoughts differ.
I am excited by new ways to view the world, new art 
techniques, new visions.  I believe in  keeping an open mind,
in the continual process for self growth, in change and in hope.
I think of my father who late in life quit his secure, routine engineering position
at Xerox and partnered with a friend.  He left his pension and everything 
he worked for up to that point.  He took a risk on his vision.
He could have failed losing everything but instead, 
went on to success beyond his imaginings.

 view from my car on my way home

Books, words, visionaries, risk takers, beautiful vistas
inspire me.

I would love to hear your sources of inspiration.

1 comment:

  1. YOU!
    I love your exuberance, your words, and your persona in real life...great life energy, a source of fresh water and magic. YOU!