Wednesday, December 28, 2011

About Journaling

I have journaled over the course of many years.  

There have been travel journals,
daily pages, poetry musings, scrapbook journaling, 
family journals with joint entries, photo journals.

A recorded life in the form of 
photos, words, images torn, cut and pasted.
I encourage friends to journal. 
Do it, I say.  Start now.
I don't think of my life as interesting, they say.
Start from your heart.
What pulls at your heart?  
Start there.  Write a word, make a mark,
start with a color. 

1 comment:

  1. dear irene,
    may we start everything we aspire to from our hearts. may our thoughts, words and actions find their origin there.
    thank you for your kind visit.
    come see my post today for it too is about self expression in the form of "blooming true"...i know it will speak to you.
    i hope this shared "calling" will bring us together all the closer in the new year.

    much love to you my friend,