Tuesday, December 6, 2011

What's Up With Stones?

You already know that I collect things.  You know that.
But stones and a couple of pinecones . . . .

Could it have something to do with the fact that my maiden name
is Ishibashi which means stone bridge?
Afterall, the Bridgestone Tire Company is Ishibashi tires in Japanese.

Don't tell anyone but in this box there are pine cones and stones from the Swiss Alps.
I put them in my suitcase and brought them to Southern California 
where they now live.  I did.

with this label that says 

My friend Stephanie did not know this about me 
when she signed my up 
to make felted stones at Twist, a local knit shop.  She knew that 

I could not knit any longer but figured making stones was not knitting.  

We started with batting and wool roving,
added warm sudsy water with friction created by rolling the wool in our hands.

Here is my stone, the dark on among some of my other stones.
It was really fun but it did have the thought that
now I'm making stones???


  1. I love your felt stone! I relate to the collection of stones. I collected quite a few from Greece and hid them in my case and they now are here with me!

  2. These are wonderful!! felt stripey stones!!


    your journal pages for your mother...so very lovely