Monday, August 29, 2011

Never too many layers

The recipe goes like this:  Start with scrap pieces of fun foam.

Cut some shapes for stamps.

Add new stencils that you just had to buy.

And a pinch of Pearscent watercolors for the background.

Judiciously add a hint of acrylic.

Humm.  The hint was too strong.  Not to worry. Brush with a mixture of gesso and matt medium.

Add a sprinkle of stamps and stencils in the corner.  Voila, a journal page ready for the next layer.  Focal image?  Pen work?  Writing?  

A little collage, yes. 

On another example of layering, I test paint colors on paper that I can use later for journal pages.  A layer of gesso was painted over the test colors.  Then alcohol ink was brushed on the stencils.

Finally a mixture of ink and acrylics were stamped with many of these hand carved stamps.

The results remind me of a tropical ocean floor and will be a colorful journal page.


  1. Your hand carved stamps are amazing! Love the colours, forms and textures of these images. I'm always impressed by the way you layer things. Irene, your art is just beautiful! Michelle

  2. This is absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing, Irene.

  3. Irene, I appreciate your examples very much although I've totally run out of creativity since I got back from vacation.

  4. Hi Irene, Love this and can't wait to try it, What a cool idea! I love your use of colors, so beautiful! And I'm so glad I found your link, because Tumblr wouldn't reveal any contact info. Adding you into my favorites :) Hugs! -- Diane