Monday, August 8, 2011

Face book

I made a little book from tri-fold paint sample pamphlets.  I like the rounded corner detail.  First I gessoed both sides of the pamphlets.  Then I put the pages together using Kelly Kilmer's directions on her online  workshop, Journal of You.  

The gesso beaded because of the slick surface but I thought I'd go with it and not gesso a second coat.

When the third side folds, there is are two hidden pages underneath.

It looks like this when it's closed.  

I have wanted to practice drawing regularly, especially faces but have procrastinated.  This little book will make an honest woman out of me.  Here is the start.

Then I decided to add a little color.  I sprayed her with gold Perfect Pearls mist (you can barely see it),  painted  turquoise into the background and dark brown for highlights and shadow.

I drew the same face on fold out.

Added a light wash.

Here they are side by side.  

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