Sunday, August 14, 2011

Image Transfers

Image transfers have been an issue for me.  I just can't make them work.   Then I discovered the contact paper method.  Still, it has its limitations.  There are times when I do not want the contact paper surface.  I  don't consider myself a quitter but I almost gave up until recently when I practiced different techniques with Amy Shawley.

On a painted background I used fluid matt medium, burnished the laser jet image face down, let it dry and then rubbed the paper off.  Here the images are being revealed.  There is something so relaxing about  the repetitive circular rubbing that needs to be done before all the white paper is removed and the magic of not knowing whether or not a full or partial image will appear.  


I did not burnish this image enough or did not apply enough medium so that some of the image did not adhere.  I like the effect though.  It adds to the vintage look.

A little bird image from Judy Wise was transfered into one my journal pages and chirps words of wisdom for the day.

A muslin transfer and

A partially revealed transfer on canvas.

Lorraine brought this image back from South Africa.   I made a contact paper transfer for a journal cover.  Now I think of my friend when I open my journal.

Have a wonderful day.

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  1. These are beautiful. I've had such poor and mixed results with transfers that I finally gave up, but your success with them has renewed my interest. I love these!