Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I have been curious about SoulCollage.  My friend Fran Pullara generously offered to teach me some of the basics.  There is a system and process by which you can access your deeper self but for a starter, I wanted to try making a few cards.   This first card has an image of my mother's childhood wood paddle used for a game similar to badminton.  It is painted and carved on a soft wood.  The back side has her name burned into the wood and little indentations where the ball was hit.  I  get such a good feeling seeing this image that I have it as my screen saver on my iphone.  I paired it with a photo of my mother as a young adult.  Her sweet smile is reflective of the person she was.

This second card is a photo of my Iwataki great grandfather.  I did end up writing about both cards and found it a powerful way to access inner thoughts that are lurking but my not have made their way out.  I am excited to make more of these cards.


  1. the cards resurrect and honor and comfort and bring this part of you to see clearly with vibrant color!

  2. The images are sweet and striking! What a noble looking great grandfather -- he looks like he stepped out of a novel! I love the way you have put them together and captured their spirit. I've always wanted to learn soul collage but have not managed to find someone nearby... there are many places in the States to learn from. Thanks for sharing. Michelle