Saturday, August 27, 2011

First Book I Made

In the fifth grade at First Street School in  East Los Angeles,  my best friend Georgiana Yamaguchi and I were the artists in class.  While the rest of the class studied geography our teacher, Mr. Lingenhaus let us make a book on dogs.  We chose the topic.  Since we both loved dogs, trained the neighborhood dogs and held dog shows it was an obvious choice.   

The other day when I cleaned out my papers I found the book!

It's funny because all these years later I remember sitting at our desks side by side drawing these dogs.  The book is held together with white yarn.  Most of  the yarn has disintegrated but a little remains.

We colored in the dogs with crayons.

And drew light pencil lines on the paper so our sentences would be straight.  After we wrote the text with a ball point pen we carefully erased the lines with a pink eraser.

This post should be titled "Back in the Good Old Days."


  1. I have the first book that I made in school, too. Aren't they treasures?!

  2. Irene, my first book was a totally plagurized book I read about a giraffe called Georgie! I had a very hard time learning to read, but when I did, the first thing I wanted to do was write a book! I love your dog book... the drawings are just beautiful! You're so lucky to have it still around. Best, Michelle