Friday, September 2, 2011

Before I Move On to a New Journal

I have written in the last page of this journal.  I have a couple of rituals I have developed over the years.   On the first page I now write about 'how this journal came to be' after my friend Judy Shibata's suggestion.    I usually write a simple good bye on the last page or on the back cover.   I  often make journals with a simple cover.  The contrast between a simple cover and the riot of color inside thrills me.  This is covered with Flora Bowley paper given to me by my generous  friend Lorraine.  I  never tire of seeing other people's journals so I thought you might like a peek into a few of my pages.

I wrote how the journal came to be under this look again flap.

My aunt Aiko wrote a farewell poem to my father. I added it to the clouds.

I always feel a little sad that there are no more pages to write in  but I also love  the feel, the heft and the fullness of a finished journal.  

After a time when I look through the pages I feel like I enter the world of a dear friend and sometimes a stranger sharing secrets.

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