Friday, September 16, 2011

Have You Noticed the State of Book Jackets?

Walking through my local library I was stunned by the creativity on some of the book jackets.  I hadn't looked at books since I started to use my ipad  to read books after I injured my wrist and it became difficult to hold books in my hands.   

Photos do not do these book covers justice.  I am saddened that book stores are becoming a thing of the past.

These were a treat for my eyes.

I am getting ready for my partner in crime, Lorraine to visit for an art date.

My little mind jumped up and down and shouted yipee!  I brought out potential stuff to play with so we'd have lots of choices.

We picked our project and got to work.  I was so excited I forgot to take process photos but will show you the books we started.  I even made BLAT sandwiches on thick french rolls slathered with a spicy aioli and arugula mushroom salad.  
I'll leave you with this from Billy Collins, horoscopes for the dead


The woman who wrote from Phoenix
after my reading there

to tell me they were all still talking about it

just wrote again
to tell me that they had stopped.

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