Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Itching To Paint

After a long day of frittered away doing the business of life, my fingers were itching to paint, to try the new colors I bought at  Michaels and Aaron Brothers sales.  But after cleaning off my desk top yesterday,  I had to take time to search for things I needed.  You know how frustrating it is when you are used to everything being right there in plain sight instead of tucked away in an organized spot.  Where did I put my water container?  Where did I put those paints?  Where are the paper towels?   But finally, I started to respond to a simple inner request.   Put down some color on a journal page.  

I found a new serrated scraper and etched into the paint.

And with a new pointed Japanese brush I painted some curley ques.  Ah, I am  beginning to lose the world and sink into the welcoming arms of the paint.

I turned my journal sideways and found this face.

With one eye brighter than the other.  One to see with clarity and one to see with within.

And a set of yellow wings to fly off when ever she wants.  And a pretty pink body.

Conclusion:  always leave supplies out for the ready.  You never know who will come to visit and you have to be prepared to be delighted.

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