Wednesday, March 12, 2014


i will be taking a few days off

from art and blogging to take care

of some of deferred maintenance 

in my life.  by that i mean all the stuff of life

that needs to get done but is not as compelling

as color, paint, art and creativity.

i am trying to think of it as another way of 

being creative.   every once in a while even i cannot

stand the piles that have gathered and also would like

things to work when i turn the knob and not leak when

they are not supposed to  and be able to walk in a straight line

instead around another pile.  it's a perfect time.  i think it's called

spring cleaning.  thank you so much for visiting even if you have not 

commented.  i do appreciate hearing from you and knowing you are there.

i will see you soon.  



  1. Sometimes Irene a break is needed to have tome for all the other stuff. After the 29 face challenge I have spent less time blogging as I felt rather exhausted as it can seem to take over. I hope you return soon spring cleaned and freshly creative.

  2. Have a great time off and I may be doing that too.