Sunday, January 12, 2014

yesterday i heard about a 30 paintings in 30 days challenge hosted 

by leslie saeta.  it started on the first of the year but leslie

kindly said i could jump in now.  i decided to take a painting that i had intended 

to redo and work with it as a starting point.

i posted this quickie painting earlier.   it was the warm up for my

first oil painting.  i primarily used oil pastels then covered it with clear gesso

so that i could repaint in acrylic.

then chalked in new lines.

i chose a complimentary palate in acrylic.


i found the palate challenging.  while it was limiting...

i could not use just any colors, it was also freeing.

i intend to try more painting using a limited palate.

i attended a marketing your art presentation yesterday by julia 

patterson.   she recommended we open a twitter account among 

other suggestions.  so i did.  it is very new to me but i am giving it whirl.

my account is under irenerafaelart.  when i added this blog post to 

leslie's site it asked if i wanted to link it to twitter... and i did.  

.how easy is that?  wondering if you use social media and how it 

works for you?

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  1. I am interested you could put acrylic gesso over oil pastels - always read it was a no-no but it obviously worked for you!