Wednesday, January 29, 2014

i am practicing recording  the steps in the paintings but get involved with the process

and often do not click the first few steps.  i will tell you about them...

i collaged a canvas board with paper that had paint on it.   

after it dried i sanded it a bit.   since the colors were still  brighter 

than I wanted for the background I put a wash on it.  

while the paper was still damp,

i started to roll off some of the paper with my fingers.

then i added another wash and some background writing before

gluing down the image i chose.

after a few more layers, here is the finished piece.


  1. I am hugely impressed by the volume and quality of your work recently Irene, thanks for your comments, have sent you an email, hope it helps sort out your page tab issues.

  2. That is interesting - making the photo your own. Nice piece.

  3. I love how you did this piece. Thanks for sharing the steps. Clever you!