Friday, January 31, 2014

tomorrow begins 29 faces with ayala

but for now, here are some of them paintings done in

the month of january with leslie seta and 30 paintings and 

gritty janes's 40 portrait challenge.

at the end of this post there is a label for 30 paintings

if you click on it you can see all the posts for these paintings

and some of the processes in creating them.

what i have learned from this is that having an intention, a routine, a discipline,

a specific time and place that i do art  puts painting at the center, the core

of what gets done first.  for me, that means painting first thing in the morning.  

there is no putting it off or doing it after anything else.  well, i often exercise

somewhere during the morning.   i put painting in my calendar like any

other 'date' or appointment.  i don't change that.  it has helped me to be

more organized both externally and internally.  i feel focused and 

quite at peace.  this tells me that i have made the right decision and

am at the right place. right now.  i am interested in how you

organize your creative time, what works and what doesn't

for you?

have a lovely weekend

today's post is linked with the lovely artists at paint party friday


  1. Beautiful work, Irene. Looking forward to seeing the 29 faces.

  2. What a lovely collection of paintings! They all look beautiful and such beautiful textures. Happy PPF!

  3. I could use some of your scheduling techniques, I am wowed by all the faces you achieved in one month! Fabulous!! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥

  4. You should be so pleased Irene!
    So Impressive!
    And, they are you ... stunning and lovely!

  5. wow your faces are great, see you over at 29 Faces tomorrow. Happy PPF, Annette G

  6. Wonderful work! I love love LOVE that last one. So much.

  7. Such beautiful faces--I love your softness and subtlety...

  8. really beautiful collection of portraits-they all have a soft and lovely quality. Looking forward to seeing your new challenge portraits.Happy PPF!

  9. irene this is lovely seeing all these beautiful works together!

  10. I'm doing 29 faces as well! Love seeing all your faces!

  11. That is such a gorgeous collection of paintings! Last year I had Tuesdays and Thursdays dedicated to painting, but gradually all kinds of other stuff kept creeping in, and now it just comes after everything else and that's frustrating.... I'm going to establish a routine again, thnx for reminding me :-)

  12. All your faces are beautiful! I'm really impressed with your commitment and dedication to the project, since I don't always have the energy to create. Happy belated PPF and Blessings!

  13. First your art is so inspiring to me. These faces are fabulous. Each one with distinction.
    I am fortunate to be able to create all day. Well when lupus doesn't have me laid up. I create to forget the pain and that helps so much. Like you first thing in the morning is good but my studio gets fantastic light all day so I am in and out of the art room all day long.