Saturday, January 18, 2014

the project in my experimental group was 

a watercolor self portrait with wire sewn on.

i don't follow directions very well...  i didn't realized that it was to be a self portrait.  

 didn't take photos along the way so here is a mock up to show the steps.

first we folded a piece of watercolor paper in half and placed it on our table along with a pencil.

the presenter rang a tibetan gong.  we closed our eyes and when the ringing stopped, 

with our eyes still closed, we drew a self portrait in pencil with our non-dominant hand.  

then we opened our eyes and saw some crazy scribblings.  

at this point we could correct some of the drawing if we wished.  to tell you

the truth, the paintings that we left alone had a lot of charm.

next we added watercolors in blocks and wiped it off right away 

so there was barely a stain left on  the paper.  

we continued to add paint until we were satisfied.

then we took about 4 feet or so of wire and bent it every which way.  

i chose to wrap it around my finger forming circles.  

after that we sewed the wire on the paper with a needle and 

ordinary sewing thread.  

then i collaged tissue paper and pattern paper together 

with gloss medium.

and glued a copy of the face it to the back of the paper.

i like the muted look, like seeing a memory.

a bit of acrylic brought out her features.

today i am posting with 


  1. What an unusual but intriguing way to create a painting, and the result is astounding. I like your idea of wrapping the wire around your finger to create the curly hair, it works so well.
    This sounds like a wonderful experimental group, and a great way to extend art approaches. Lovely final result.

    1. It is wonderful to gather with a group of people who love to experiment. This was a fun project. Thanks, Jez. Why not start one in your neck of the woods?

  2. in the past whenever such directions as you received met with my reluctance. my personality is so fearful to risk, this sad to admit. I admire the result of your layered painting.

    1. i think it is important to realize that all experiments will not result in something you like. i find it enjoyable to just try it because you never know what ideas it will stimulate. that being said, we all have our own process and it's important to honor that.

  3. This is memory-like, and what a fabulous creative adventure you had making it. The idea of drawing with the non-dominant hand is one I remember from Art college and it is a great way of making every mark matter. Your art group sounds so exciting, you are blossoming with creativity at the moment Irene!

    1. using my non dominant hand relieves me from any pressures or expectations. it's also lots of fun. the art group is a treasure. i remember the first time i went, i felt a big 'YES' in my heart. here were a group of like minded artists in the same room open to experimenting.

  4. Fascinating project and lovely outcome!

  5. I was impressed by all the layers in this painting, its delicacy and beauty too. What a wonderful work of art. Happy PPF

  6. You are SO adventurous, Irene! Love the result.

  7. This is wonderful. I love the way you used the wire.

  8. What an amazing interesting...thanks for sharing and she's gorgeous too!! Just like you!!

    Hugs Giggles

  9. Irene, what an interesting exercise! Your face looks wonderful. Did you really do this with your non-dominant hand with your eyes closed??? I love the curly wire locks.