Friday, January 24, 2014

i am not one for new year's resolutions 

but for years i have read that people select a theme word

for the year.  this year i chose excavate as my word.

i didn't mean it in a heavy word, more one to 

delve deep, stir the cauldron and notice with much

interest what emerges.  so far, a lot of faces :)

what about you, do you choose a resolution or word?

have a lovely weekend


  1. Very feisty lady today! Love the African type print on her costume. No, I'm not really into New Year resolutions except in a very vague way! I'm after improved expertise on iPad Brushes and selling my art! The first should be within my reach with Application (haha)- the second is outside my control really!

    1. Good luck with both, Catherine. I've not tried brushes but it is on my list to try. A very long list :)